Miles Petrella (he/they) is a Montreal-based makeup artist and multidisciplinary visual artist. He completed his makeup artistry  certificate at InterDec college in 2018. Since then, he has worked for clients in the fashion & music industry, both creatively and commercially. He is also part of the Freelance Studio Artist team in Quebec for CHANEL.



In 2017, Miles received a BFA in Studio Art, along with a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality, at Concordia University. His work is influenced by queer theory, history & mythology - mostly using the mediums of installation, sculpture, painting and drawing. Aiming to deconstruct aesthetics and formed identities, his work explores affect, the body (abject), camp, and the relationship of binaries. Miles' work has been featured as a part of Art Souterrain and Chromatic Festival in Montreal. He has also curated for Art Matters Festival and Pop Montreal in 2016.

selected artworks and art cv here

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